Bug in nlme::getVarCov

I have recently been working to ensure that my clubSandwich package works correctly on fitted lme and gls models from the nlme package, which is one of the main R packages for fitting hierarchical linear models.

Assigning after dplyr

Hadley Wickham’s dplyr and tidyr packages completely changed the way I do data manipulation/munging in R. These packages make it possible to write shorter, faster, more legible, easier-to-intepret code to accomplish the sorts of manipulations that you have to do with practically any real-world data analysis.


Cluster-robust variance estimation


Between-case SMD for single-case designs


Single-case design effect size calculator

Estimating average effects in regression discontinuities with covariate interactions

Regression discontinuity designs (RDDs) are now a widely used tool for program evaluation in economics and many other fields. RDDs occur in situations where some treatment/program of interest is assigned on the basis of a numerical score (called the running variable), all units scoring above a certain threshold receiving treatment and all units scoring at or below the threshold having treatment withheld (or vice versa, with treatment assigned to units scoring below the threshold).

Regression discontinuities with covariate interactions in the rdd package

NOTE (2019-09-24): This post pertains to version 0.56 of the rdd package. The problems described in this post have been corrected in version 0.57 of the package, which was posted to CRAN on 2016-03-14.

Clustered standard errors and hypothesis tests in fixed effects models

I’ve recently been working with my colleague Beth Tipton on methods for cluster-robust variance estimation in the context of some common econometric models, focusing in particular on fixed effects models for panel data—or what statisticians would call “longitudinal data” or “repeated measures.

The clubSandwich package for meta-analysis with RVE

I’ve recently been working on small-sample correction methods for hypothesis tests in linear regression models with cluster-robust variance estimation. My colleague (and grad-schoolmate) Beth Tipton has developed small-sample adjustments for t-tests (of single regression coefficients) in the context of meta-regression models with robust variance estimation, and together we have developed methods for multiple-contrast hypothesis tests.

Getting started with scdhlm

UPDATED 10/2/2016 after posting the package to CRAN Here are step-by-step instructions on how to download and install the scdhlm package for R. You’ll need to have a copy of R installed.